World's First! Test to recalculate IQ scores in real time
A world first! The IAMX IQ test that changes your IQ score in real time.
Recalculate and reflect your IQ every time more respondents respond and the statistics change.
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      What is IQ score
      updated in real time?

      The IAMX IQ test recalculates the IQ score every time the number of users increases and the statistics change.

      The Iamx
      IQ test.

      01Deviation IQ
      A world first! Your IQ score result is recalculated and changes in real time whenever the statistics change.

      The IAMX IQ test uses deviation IQ, which is calculated from statistical data of all users.

      The average score and deviation are calculated from the statistical scores of the people who took the IQ test, and the IQ is calculated strictly for each person.

      And with IAMX IQ tests, once the IQ test results are obtained, they are recalculated and updated in real time to the "now" IQ score whenever the statistical data changes.

      02Calculates in real time
      Real-time DB to accurately calculate statistical data & IQ of each person. Ranking is reflected instantly.

      IAMX's IQ TEST uses a real-time database.
      This allows each person's score to be immediately reflected in the statistical data, making it possible to calculate IQ scores more accurately. The ranking is also reflected immediately and can be checked.

      The questions are supervised by MENSA members with an IQ of 130 or higher.

      IAMX questions are prepared under the supervision of question writers with an IQ of 130 or higher and MENSA members, and are provided under strict quality checks.

      MENSA member who supervised the IQ test
      IWASAMystery Solving Creator
      In 2018, he joined MENSA, which only allows the top 2% of IQs. Using his high IQ, he works as a creator of riddle solving problems.

      04Know Yourself
      What the IamX IQ test can tell you

      The IAMX IQ test will give you an IQ score of 15, 16, and 24 standard deviations, respectively, and will show you your ranking among the last 30 users, the top and bottom percentages of all users, and the difference between the average number of correct answers and the average number of correct answers. "You can also see the difference between the average number of correct answers and your number of correct answers.

      Let’s find out
      your IQ

      People with high IQ tend to have a high level of abstract thinking and a high ability to notice the essence of things.

      How high is your IQ? Take the test to gain a better understanding of yourself.
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