The world's first IQ test that keeps updating your IQ score in real-time!
As the number of test-takers increases and the data change, your IQ will be recalculated.

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      IAMX IQ Test - A test developed to aim
      for measuring accurate IQ

      “Are there any proper IQ tests online..?” This is where the IAMX IQ Test was born.

      IQ calculation is a difficult and complex process, so most online tests do not calculate IQ for every person.

      In reality, most websites calculate with estimates, such as “the taker answered 90% of the questions correctly, so the score is 120,” which is not true IQ.

      Because IQ is measured through calculation, incorrect calculation processes obviously do not represent correct scores… The IAMX IQ test continues to update your IQ scores from the up-to-date “current” statistical data.

      Why would we do something high in cost and server load? That’s because we think that keeping the scores updated would be the best evidence to show that our scores are calculated from statistical data.

      The Four Characteristics of IAMX IQ Test

      01Real-time IQ calculation
      World’s First! Our IQ test recalculates and changes your IQ score in real-time every time the statistical data change.

      The IAMX IQ Test utilizes deviation IQ, which is measured from statistical data of all users.

      We measure the average and deviation from the statistical scores of all IQ test takers. The IQ scores are then strictly calculated.

      Also, the IAMX IQ Test recalculates your IQ test results every time the statistical data changes and updates your “current” IQ score in real-time.

      02Real time ranking
      Accurate statistical data and IQ measurements for every user using real-time DB. Rankings are updated instantly

      The IAMX IQ Test adopts a real-time database.
      This made it possible for us to measure accurate IQ scores through immediate statistical data updates of each test taker. Also, the rankings will be immediately updated and can be checked.

      03Supervised by Mensa members
      Joint development with a MENSA member!
      The test is set to match the MENSA difficulty level.

      Our test is made from questions chosen through trial and error with IWASA, a MENSA member. Only the top 2% IQ can join the MENSA. Because its difficulty is set to MENSA level, many people take the test as a MENSA test prep.

      If this test shows that you are in the top 2%, then you have a good chance of joining MENSA.

      MENSA member that supervised the IQ test
      IWASAMystery Quiz Creator
      In 2018, Joined MENSA, where only the top 2% IQ scorers can join. Creates mystery quizzes utilizing high IQ.

      04Know Yourself
      A dedicated page with your IQ results created after the test.

      After finishing the IAMX Test, your dedicated page will be created and you will be able to see the following.

      “Your IQ,” “What percentile you are in out of all users,” “The difference between the number of answers correct and the average,” “The average time,” “The standard deviation using the current data” can be seen.

      Also, an IQ certificate will be issued, which can be downloaded from your page.

      Let’s find out
      your IQ

      People with high IQ tend to have higher abstract thinking and the ability to realize the essence of things.

      What is your IQ? Let’s take the test and deepen your self-understanding.